Are you Summer Date Ready?

Happy Tuesday! It’s finally summers and god how fast time flies by!

  • I adore this dress because the fabric is so good yet falls heavily in the body (nobody wants a dress that blows with the wind).I wanted to share some photos with you guys from last weekend Parth and I decided to go on a day date have some brunch and wander around watch movie etc. We didn’t have concrete plans in mind butI knew the day called for bright and casual outfit. I could just find my self a perfect a perfect attire this beautiful and classy white coverup is from Forever 21 which is just perfect for your day date. I team up this outfit with nude Carlton London Loafers which are my all time favourite and White glares are from Madame. 
  • Not a dress!!! Wore this white cover up like a dress which i bought way back .Then when I’m feeling like dressing up in a totally different way I already know what to wear. It’s really so fun to occasionally go beyond and try new things for a day.

Please keep showering your love and support.

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